Our Values

Creating a love of reading, what a job! But not at any price.
At ZebraBook we have solid values, here they are :


Nos livres sont fabriqués sur mesure dans notre atelier, en partie à la main, pour chacun de nos clients : des livres uniques au monde pour des enfants uniques au monde. Et puis franchement, rien de tel qu'un livre écrit, fabriqué et lu avec amour pour apprendre à aimer la lecture.


Our dream at ZebraBook is to pass on the magical world of reading to your little ones, but we also care about the message behind the book. We don’t want your dedication on the front page to read. "To my cutie Kevin, here is book made in China with paper sourced in the Amazon forest. Enjoy." Our books are all made in Belgium using paper sourced from sustainable forests (a new tree is planted for every tree that is cut down). Our CO2 emissions from printing and transport are offset, and Marie (our darling editor) will only travel around by bike, although that’s altogether another story ahem!
Aussi rigolo pour les grands que pour les petits

Just as funny for adults as children.

Being parents ourselves, we know that children’s books often don’t hold much interest for the parent reading it. At ZebraBook we always think of you putting your little ones to bed and we strive to make our books as fun for you as they are for your children.


If you’re a working woman or over-stressed man with little time then ZebraBook can solve all of your gift giving woes. It’s true! In just two clicks the book is ordered and will be delivered within five working days. If you don't want to or don’t have time to hand over the gift in person it can be sent directly to the child's address. A really practical solution for those who fear maternity wards or can’t stand noisy birthday parties. What is more our after-sales service is out of this world!
Sans Stéréotype

No stereotypes

In French children's literature, 80% of the heroes are boys (whoops). The roles of women and men are over stereotyped: mum wears an apron and dad has his toolbox (which is totally cool but not if it's the only choice). In our books we have lady truck drivers and soldiers, neurosurgeons, fisherwomen, girls who play football, dads who take care of their children etc. (just like in real life!) In short plenty of opportunities to see that girls and boys can do any kind of job or activity.


Manager and partnerships lead
Michel joined Marie at the beginning of her ZebraBook adventure and it’s a good job too, if he hadn’t been around I’m not sure you’d be able to order a single book yet! Father of a (very) large family he functions perfectly on no sleep at all!


Editor (and inspired author)
Founder of ZebraBook, Brussels radio star, earth mother and self-proclaimed feminist (especially when holding a glass of wine), pacifist and wannabe cyclist.


Head of PR.
Laurent is the newbie on the team. Hands-on-father and PR idealist, communication is what he’s all about. We got him on board in our bid to become an intergalactic multinational!